We are a creative studio based in Paris. We love shenanigans, we dig mayhem… and of course, it’s always Tutti Frutti. 

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Sola agreed with me, and it was decided that we should leave Thark this same night; just as quickly, in fact, as I could find and saddle my thoats. Sola was to ride one and Dejah Thoris and I the other; each of us carrying sufficient food and drink to last us for two days, the animals could not be urged too rapidly for so long a distance. Barsoomian territory I had ever seen. It was crisscrossed in every direction with long straight lines, sometimes running parallel and sometimes converging toward some great circle. The lines, she said, were waterways; the circles, cities; and one far to the northwest of us she pointed out as Helium.

Birdy Ben

Creative Director

Eddy Chopy

Head of 3D

Minh NGuyen

Head of 2D


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